Molėtai Library goes low-waste

Lithuania is famous for recycling at a record level. Almost three-quarters (74%) of plastic packaging waste was recycled here in 2017, the highest proportion in Europe. The EU average was 42%.

Here at the Molėtai Library we do our best to go low-waste by separating plastic and metal, paper, glass and general waste. According to Jolanta Kernagienė, one of our Cleaning Managers, paper makes the biggest part of waste at the library.

komiksas kur Molinukė moko vaikus rūšiuoti
“We recycle at home!” – preschoolers reassured the Little Lady Clay

You will find recycle bins on every floor. If you need help with recycling, look for young readers. During the visit of preschoolers to our library we realized, that they are the most qualified ones — they are the ones who run with plastic or paper to the recycle bins at home, because they are young and fast! They even told us how worried they are about microplastic pollution. #kidsthesedays

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