About library


Molėtai Municipal Public Library was founded on March 15,  1937. The library several times for various reasons ( two times in case of fire) changed premises.
In 1973 a new cultural center was built  in Molėtai  and library was  located there  and exists here  now.  In 2001  modern information department was founded,   new technologies were introduced, expanded services for users: access to the Internet, searching databases, document printing, copying, computer literacy training, etc.
Currently,  library is a modern and open to every member of the community, providing information, lifelong learning and cultural services in response to users needs. Library  has  long cultural traditions. It organizes various exhibitions, meetings with famous people,  presentations of books. High public interest receives the traditional  library events: the district literary K. Umbrasas laureates afternoon, Little Book Fair, Children's Book Festival, youth creative camp and others.
The network of libraries consists of the public library and 24 rural branches. 9 branches connected to the secondary school libraries. The system employs 38 professionals, among them - 17 with higher education.

In 2011 the library provided services to 6376 readers and 166946 visitors. In funds collected 168304 books  and other documents.


Head of the library: Virginija Raišienė

Address: Inturkės str. 4,  LT-33141  Molėtai

Phone: +370 383 51694
Fax: +370 383 52203
E-mail. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.